SnapShove Levels Up

SnapShove, the only mobile all-in Texas Holdem calculator, has a new update.

We’ve updated the training mode and fixed several bugs that have been reported through user feedback. SnapShove users can now also test calling ranges. Both the free and pro versions of the app give you at least 30 training mode questions a day, so you can test your shove/fold accuracy.

With the latest update, SnapShove has not only improved the functionality of the training mode, but given the UI a complete overhaul. The previous training mode (pictured below) gave users the the basics and ran into a few bugs. While it looked okay, we think the new UI simply looks better.

The current design of the SnapShove Training Mode

The previous design of the SnapShove Training Mode

The new training mode is pictured below. The training mode is an excellent way for users to test shoving/folding/calling ranges.


Speaking of calling ranges, the update adds a separate section for those too. Which is why we know that the king-deuce above is a call from the big blind.

SnapShove already gave users a quick and easy way to make correct shoves and has now added the ability to make correct calls as well. You can test our SnapShove for free from either the iTunes or Google Play app stores. You can also purchase the ad-free pro version with unlimited use of the new training mode for only $14.99.