SnapShove is Here!

SnapShove is Here!

SnapShove is here!

Introducing SnapShove, the new Texas Holdem push/fold app to improve your short stack poker strategy.

Download SnapShove

With SnapShove, you can instantly get Nash equilibrium shoving; calling and folding ranges for sub 25bb No Limit Holdem. In layman’s terms, it tells you which hands you should be going all in with when playing Texas Holdem.

The app is now available to download in the app Store – try it out for free or get the pro version for $9.99. The SnapShove app lets you query hands with 9 or 6 players up to 12.5 big blinds. SnapShove pro allows any number of players from 2 – 10; five ante size options, and stack sizes up to 25 big blinds. It’s easy to use, just a few taps for the relevant info, and press calculate.


Improve your short stack game with Training mode

For the golfers out there: you understand the importance of a strong putting game. It doesn’t matter how long your drive is – if you can’t get your short game together, you won’t be taking home the trophy.

With poker, making one wrong shove can cost your tournament life, and hundreds or even thousands in potential winnings. Plugging your short stack leaks poker has now never been easier.

Not only do you have instant access to specific short stack queries, you can use Short Stack’s unique Training mode to practice and improve your knowledge and decision times. Training mode puts you in simulated game situations and tracks your results in ten question bursts. Try to beat your personal best and bring your skills back to the poker table!

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Learn when to call an all in and when to let the cards go with Call mode

Available only on SnapShove pro, Call mode allows you to check what you should be calling and what you should be folding. It runs up to all-ins of 25 big blinds, and instantly gives you the correct calling ranges.


The brains and the beauty behind SnapShove: Max Silver and Sadan Turker

SnapShove was founded by internationally renowned poker player Max Silver who joined forces with Sadan Turker and some lowly developers & marketing types to create this app.

Max is a live tournament player with $2.3 million in cashes. He was mentored by Jason Somerville and now regularly plays tournaments with buy-ins up to $100,000. His success has come from constantly improving his game and he believes that big wins come from making small decisions correctly, again and again.

Sadan has over $500k in cashes, including a 2nd place finish at the World Series of Poker in 2013. He plays online under the handle the_snail09.

The SnapShove team have had feedback and input from a wide range of poker pros, developers, designers and industry experts to put this app and the data behind it together. The app has been beta tested extensively by top pros – much of the feedback and suggestions have been incorporated into the current version. Check out our testimonials at the bottom of this blog.

The science bit

SnapShove’s ranges were calculated in over 1,000,000 unique game simulations over a period of 6 months. The data is based on a perfect ChipEV Nash Equilibrium solution for poker and assumes your opponents are also playing perfectly.

In reality, very few players play perfectly (Ike Haaxton aside), so use SnapShove’s ranges and adjust based on your opponent’s tendencies. If your opponent is calling too much, shove a little wider than the range to take advantage.


“SnapShove is an incredibly powerful resource for tournament poker players looking to improve. Mastering your shortstack game has never been easier” – Jason Somerville, WSOP Bracelet winner and poker streamer

“I had an awesome time using the SnapShove app. Lots of my push-folding was rusty and it was nice to be able to patch some of my leaks.” – Mike “Timex” Mcdonald, $13m in live career tournament earnings

“Easy to use and +EV, great for learning short stacked play.” David Vamplew – EPT London Champion

“After playing around with the app, I realised I was losing EV by missing out on some marginal shoving spots. This app is a brilliant way to fix those leaks.” – Charlie Carrel, EPT Monte Carlo High Roller Champion

Have fun working on your poker game, and best of luck in turning your improved game into piles of cash!