Show us what you got!

Show us what you got!

We’re adding a boatload more scenarios and questions to Training Mode in the coming weeks. At the same time we’ll be updating the design to make it a little more user friendly, and we’d like your input. If you talk sense, we’ll incorporate your feedback into our final design – so show us what you got!

Here’s what it looks like now:

The current design of the SnapShove Training Mode

And here’s the new prototype:

SnapShove Poker Calculator Training Mode

By the way, if you can’t work out whether to SnapShove or SnapFold in the second pic, you really need to train!

The primary changes are:

  • Instead of grouping players together, we’re showing every seat to make it clearer at a glance
  • Your cards and information will be highlighted in green and bigger than the other players’
  • Instead of the button always being in the same place, you as the player are always seated in the bottom middle, and the table rotates around you, like at a real poker table
  • The table is a lighter blue as apparently it was a little hard on the eyes!

Let us know what you think of the changes: whether you love them or hate them, or have better ideas, we want to know!

Tell us in 140 characters or less @SnapShove or rant to your heart’s content on our SnapShove Facebook page.